One Care Connect is a patient centric platform promoting preventive and personalised
Care. One Care Connect is dedicated to patient’s health journey from physical fitness to
mental well-being. Let us be your partner in achieving optimal wellness.

Our Vision

Our vision for One Care Connect is to revolutionise healthcare transitions, ensuring seamless and patient - centred journeys across all levels of care.

We aspire to bethe standard-bearer in the industry, recognised for our unwavering commitment to enhancing patient outcomes, reducing re-admissions, and empowering individuals to regain their health and independence.

Through innovative, interdisciplinary collaboration, we envision a healthcare system where transitions are marked by compassion, excellence, and comprehensive support, ensuring that every patient's journey is a success story."

Our Mission

Our mission at One Care Connect is to provide exceptional, patient - centred care during critical healthcare transitions. We are dedicated to assembling highly skilled and compassionate interdisciplinary teams that work collaboratively to empower patients, improve their quality of life and reduce the burden on the healthcare system.

Through evidence-based practices, innovative technologies, and a focus on continuous improvement, we strive to be a trusted partner in ensuring that patients experience smooth, safe, and successful transitions between care settings.

We want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve by delivering the highest standard of care during their healthcare journey.

    • Our Story

      At One Care Connect, our journey began with a vision to revolutionise healthcare delivery and empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being. Our founders, Mr Ravi Racharla & Dr Suvarchala Deepthi, were inspired by personal experiences and a deep-seated passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others.

      Mr Ravi Racharla, experienced first-hand the challenges and complexities of navigating the healthcare system while seeking care for his loved ones. From long wait times and fragmented care to limited access to resources and information, He recognised the need for a better approach, one that prioritised individual needs, improved access to care, and fostered collaboration among healthcare providers.

      Driven by a relentless commitment to excellence and a desire to create meaningful change, Mr Ravi Racharla set out to build a healthcare organisation that would redefine the patient experience and set new standards for quality and innovation. Thus, One Care Connect was born, A company founded on the principles of compassion, collaboration, and community.

      From its humble beginnings, One Care Connect has grown into a trusted leader in healthcare, serving individuals and communities with personalised care, comprehensive services, and unwavering dedication. Guided by Mr Ravi Racharla vision and leadership, our team has remained steadfast in our mission to empower individuals to live healthier, happier lives.

      Today, One Care Connect stands as a testament to Mr Ravi Racharla's vision and the collective efforts of our team. We continue to innovate, collaborate, and advocate for positive change in healthcare, driven by the belief that everyone deserves access to high-quality care and support.

    • Our Team

      At One Care Connect, our team is comprised of dedicated professionals who are passionate about improving healthcare outcomes and making a positive impact in the lives of others. From healthcare providers and administrative staff to technology experts and community advocates, each member of our team plays a vital role in delivering compassionate, high-quality care and support to our members and communities.

    • Leadership Team

      Founder & Chief Marketing Officer: Mr Ravi Racharla

      Co - Founder & Chief Dental Officer: Dr Suvarchala Deepthi

      Chief Executive Officer: Dr Sabine Kapasi: Our visionary leader who guides the strategic direction of One Care Connect and inspires our team to achieve our mission of transforming healthcare delivery.

      Chief Medical Officer: Dr Vigneshwar Reddy: A seasoned healthcare professional who leads our clinical team and ensures the delivery of safe, effective care to our members.
      Chief Operating Officer: Chief Operating Officer: Dr Shilpa Thejavath: An experienced operations leader responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of One Care Connect and driving organisational excellence.
      Chief Technology Officer : Mr Naga Brahmananda Reddy: Chief Technology Officer : Our technology expert who spearheads innovation initiatives and leverages technology to enhance the delivery of care and improve patient outcomes.


    Dr. P. Sudhakar Reddy

    He is a well-known Cardiologist, Humanitarian, Social Activist, he founded SHARE organizations which established Mediciti Hospitals and Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences.

    In February 2010, Dr. Reddy was awarded the Peter J. Safar Pulse of Pittsburg Award by the American Heart Association. He did his MRCP from Edinburgh, U.K. He is a faculty member of University of Pittsburgh and had been Director of Cardiac interventional laboratories.

    He promotes research by Indian doctors to solve health care problems of India particularly rural population. TETRA project empowers Technologically Enabled health workers to extend Telemedicine to rural population at affordable costs. He is planning to develop a total artificial heart in India to make it accessible to all citizens globally.

    Dr. Usha Rani Poli, MBBS, DNB(OBG), DGO

    • Senior Consultant Gynec Oncologist Public Health Foundation of India / PRASHO Foundation, Hyderabad.
    • Formerly Associate Professor of Gynec, Oncology MNJ Institute of Oncology & Regional Cancer Centre, Hyderabad.
    • Principal Investigator and conducted many research trials over past 2 decades on community based cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination studies in Telangana
    • Master trainer, WHO/IARC training courses on colposcopy and cervical screening for developing countries since 2006
    • Reviewer for WHO/IARC training material and modules on cervical cancer screening.
    • Established and monitoring the ongoing VIA based Screen and Treat cervical cancer screening programs in few districts of Telangana state, India.
    • Invited speaker in National and international conferences.
    • Published 38 original peer reviewed research articles and written chapters in 8 textbooks.
    • Consensus Expert Panel member, ASCO Resource stratified guidelines on cervical cancer screening 2020 -2023.
    • Recipient of ASCO – International Innovation Grant 2021 for “Artificial Intelligence in Cervical Visual Screening”.
    • Clinical Team

      Physicians: Board-certified physicians who provide expert medical care and guidance to our members, ensuring they receive the highest quality of care.

      Nurses and Nurse Practitioners: Compassionate nursing professionals who deliver personalised care, education, and support to our members and their families.

      Therapists and Allied Health Professionals: Skilled therapists and allied health professionals who specialise in various areas of healthcare, including physical therapy, nutritionist, psychologists, physical fitness/yoga, occupational therapy, and speech therapy

      Administrative Team

      Customer Service Representatives: Friendly and knowledgeable representatives who assist our members with scheduling appointments, navigating their benefits, and addressing any questions or concerns they may have.

      Administrative Staff: Dedicated professionals who support the operations of One Care Connect, including finance, human resources, marketing, and administrative functions.

      Technology Team
      Software Engineers and Developers: Innovative technologists who design and develop cutting-edge software solutions to enhance the delivery of care, improve patient engagement, and streamline healthcare processes.
      Data Analysts and Scientists: Data experts who analyse healthcare data to identify trends, patterns, and insights that inform decision-making, drive quality improvement, and optimise patient outcomes.

      Community Engagement Team

      Community Outreach Specialists: Community advocates who collaborate with local organisations, schools, and community leaders to promote health education, prevention, and wellness initiatives.

      Care Coordination Team

      Care Coordinators: Dedicated professionals who work closely with our members to coordinate their care, navigate the healthcare system, and ensure continuity of care across different providers and settings.

      Together, our team at One Care Connect is united by a shared commitment to excellence, compassion, and collaboration. We are proud to work together to improve healthcare outcomes, support our members, and make a positive impact in the communities we serve.

    • Our Approach

      At One Care Connect, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to drive positive change in healthcare. Our approach is centred around three core principles:

      Patient-Centred Care: We prioritise the needs, preferences, and goals of each individual, placing them at the centre of their care journey. Our personalised approach ensures that every patient receives tailored solutions that address their specific health challenges and aspirations.

      Comprehensive Solutions: We offer a range of services designed to support individuals at every stage of their health journey, from preventive care and wellness promotion to chronic disease management and transitional care. Our multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals collaborates to deliver holistic solutions that address the physical, emotional, and social aspects of health.

      Innovation and Technology: We leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to enhance the delivery of care, improve health outcomes, and streamline healthcare processes. From telemedicine and digital health platforms to data analytics and remote monitoring, we harness the power of technology to make healthcare more accessible, efficient, and effective.

    Our Commitment

    At One Care Connect, we are committed to fostering a culture of excellence, integrity, and compassion in everything we do. We strive to build meaningful relationships with our patients, partners, and communities, guided by the principles of transparency, empathy, and respect. Together, we are dedicated to transforming healthcare and empowering individuals to live healthier, happier lives.

    Join us on our journey to redefine healthcare and create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Together, we can make a difference—one care connection at a time.

    • Compassion: We approach every interaction with empathy, kindness, and understanding, recognizing the unique challenges and experiences of each individual. We believe in providing compassionate care that respects the dignity, autonomy, and humanity of every person we serve.
      Excellence: We are committed to delivering exceptional quality in everything we do, from clinical care and service delivery to operational efficiency and innovation. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our work, continuously seeking opportunities for improvement and advancement.
      Integrity: We adhere to the highest ethical standards and principles of integrity, honesty, and transparency in our interactions withpatients, partners, and stakeholders. We believe in acting with integrity at all times, maintaining the trust and confidence of those we serve.
      Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork to achieve shared goals and drive positive outcomes. We foster a culture of collaboration, mutual respect, and open communication among our multidisciplinary team, recognizing that collective effort and diverse perspectives lead to better solutions.

      Innovation: We embrace innovation and creativity as drivers of positive change and progress in healthcare. We continuously explore new ideas, technologies, and approaches to improve patient care, enhance operational efficiency, and advance the deliveryof healthcare services.
      Empowerment: We empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being by providing them with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to make informed decisions and live healthier lives. We believe in empowering patients to become active participants in their care journey, promoting autonomy and self-management.
      Equity: We are committed to promoting health equity and eliminating disparities in healthcare access, outcomes, and opportunities. We strive to ensure that all individuals have equal access to high-quality care, regardless of their background, identity, or circumstances.
      Continuous Learning: We embrace a culture of continuous learning and professional development, encouraging our team members to pursue on-going education, training, and growth opportunities. We believe in investing in our people and providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

      These values guide our actions, decisions, and interactions every day as we work together to transform healthcare and make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.